If you want to create wealth through equity investing, you have come to the right palce.Investing-pk is a stock market recomendation company. It recomends the right stocks at the right time.

About The Trainer

Trainer is basically engineering background but he has passion & craziness for the market. He has experience of 8 years in stock market and knowledge of more than 250 books on investing and stock market. He keeps on reading the stock market & investment related books, just to find a single tips from that book. He understands that market is Goldmine from where anybody who has in-depth knowledge of Stock market can mine daily Gold from the Market. The only thing is, he/she must have the thorough knowledge of stock market tips, tricks & working. He must have discipline, patience & set of well defined rules of trading. Here you will learn all the tips & tricks of stock market & rules of trading. After learning you will be able to find your own trading style. Also you will be able to set your own trading rules.

Online Teaching Courses:
Basic of Stock Market & Technical Analysis
@ Rs.10000/-
Basic Technical Analysis & Trading Tips
@ Rs.15000/-
Advances Technical Analysis & Secrets of Trading
@ Rs.30000/-
Master Course with Option Strategies
@ Rs.100000/-
@ Rs.30000/-
Intraday & Short Term Trading
@ Rs.36000/-