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Basic of Stock Markets & Technical Analysis

This course is just for beginners

Course Highlights:

The program covers the basic of Stock Market & some basic aspects of Technical Analysis. The program is designed in such a way that any body can learn without any experience very easily. The training is complimented with practical market examples. After learning the course, you will be able to know how Stock Market Works, What is Charts, Trendline, Support & Resistance, Price Patterns, and Moving Averages etc.

Course Duration: 12 Hours

Course Contents:
1. Stock Market
  1. What is Stock market?
  2. How Stock market Works?
2. Bull & Bear Market and its Phases
  1. What is Bull Market & Bear Market
  2. How to understand that Bull Market is Over & Bear market has Started
  3. Phases of Stock Market
  4. Type of Stocks
  5. Different Phases of Stocks
3. Stocks
  1. What is Stock
  2. Type of Stocks
  3. Different Phases of Stocks
4. Technical Analysis
  1. What is Technical Analysis?
  2. Basic Assumption of Technical Analysis
  3. Difference between Fundamental Analysis & Technical Analysis
  4. When to Use Fundamental Analysis & When to Use Technical Analysis
5. Charts
  1. What is Charts?
  2. Type of Charts
  3. Line Chart
  4. Bar Chart
  5. Candlesticks Charts
6. Trendlines
  1. Trendlines
  2. Type of Trends
  3. Secrets of Trendlines
7. Support & Resistance
  1. Support & Resistance
  2. What is minor Support & Major Support
  3. Secrets of How to use Support & Resistance
8. Moving Averages
  1. Moving Averages
  2. Moving Averages Types
  3. Which Moving Average should we use?
9. Price Patterns
  1. Price Patterns & Its Identification
10. Dos & Don’t
  1. Dos & Don’t of Stock market
11. Support
  1. One Month after Support

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Course Duration: 12 Hrs (Saturday & Sunday, Daily 2 hr)


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