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Fundamental Analysis:

The course is for Stock Market Traders & Investors for finding the real Gem of Stock. Here we will learn how to analyse the balance Sheet, Profit & Loss Account & Income Statements of a company. In addition to this we will find how the Political Scenario & Economy affect the comapny. Also we will learn different Valuation method for different Industry.

Course Highlights:

The program covers all the basic Fundamental Analysis aspect. The program is designed in such a way that any body can learn without any experience very easily. After learning the course, you will be able to deal with your own investments independent of external aid such as calls, tips, expert opinion, etc. You will discover tools & techniques to find the Gems.

Course Duration: 18 Hours

Course Contents:
1. Fundamental Analysis Basics
  1. What is Fundamental Analysis
  2. Importance of Fundamental Analysis
  3. Difference Between Fundamental & Technical Analysis
  4. Introduction to Market Cycle Model
  5. Financial & Business Cycles
  6. What is Efficient Market Theory
2. Economic Analysis (Economic Cycles & Phases)
  1. What is Economic Cycle?
  2. What is the different phase of Economic Cycle?
  3. Boom Phase
  4. Recession Phase
  5. Depression Phase
  6. Recovery Phase
3. Politico-Economic Analysis
  1. Political Equation
  2. Foreign Exchange Reserve
  3. Foreign Exchange Risks
  4. Restrictive Practices
  5. Debt & Balance of Trade
  6. Inflation
  7. Interest Rate
  8. Taxation
  9. Govt. Policies
  10. GDP & Economic Growth Rate
  11. Budget Deficit
  12. Savings & Deployment.
  13. Infrastructure
  14. Employment
4. Sector or Industry Analysis
  1. What do you mean by Sector Analysis
  2. Why Sector analysis is important?
  3. Different Industry Cycles.
  4. Industry Vs Economic
  5. Competition.
  6. Sector Selection.
5. Company Analysis
  1. About Management
  2. About the Company
  3. Annual Report (Balance Sheet, Profit & Loss Account, Income Statement
6. Financial Ratio Analysis & Its Interpretation
  1. Earning Ratios
    1. Earning Per Share
    2. Cash Earning Per Share
    3. Dividend Per Share
    4. Dividend Payout Ratio
  2. Profitability Ratios
    1. ROA
    2. ROCE
    3. ROE
    4. Profit Margin Analysis(OPM,NPM & GPM)
  3. Debt Ratios
    1. Overview of Debt
    2. Debt-ratio
    3. Debt-Equity Ratio
    4. Capitalization Ratio
    5. Debt to net worth Ratio
    6. Interest Coverage Ratio
    7. Cash Flow to Debt Ratio
  4. Liquidity Ratio
    1. Current Ratio
    2. Quick Ratio
    3. Cash Ratio
    4. Cash Conversion Cycle
  5. Operating Performance Ratios
    1. Fixed-Asset Turnover
    2. Sales/Revenue Per Employee
    3. Operating Cycle
  6. Investment Valuation Ratios
    1. P/E Ratio
    2. P/B Ratio
    3. PEG Ratio
    4. P/S Ratio
    5. Dividend Yield
    6. Enterprise Value Multiple
7. Cash Flow Analysis
  1. What is Cash Flow?
  2. What is Free Cash Flow
  3. What is the Importance of Cash Flow Analysis
8. Step-Wise Fundamental Analysis
  1. Step by Step Fundamental Analysis in brief
  2. What are the Best Ratios For Different Industry
  3. Which Profit Margin should we focus for Valuation
  4. What are the level of Profit margin for different Industry
  5. Stock Selection Methods
  6. What are the best valuation method for different Industry
  7. And many More Secrets of Fundamental Analysis
9. Support Three Months after Support

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Course Fee: Rs.30000
Course Duration: 18 Hrs (Saturday & Sunday, Daily 2hrs)


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