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Advance Technical Analysis & Trading Tips:

The course is for Stocks, Commodity & forex Market Traders & Investors for proper timing the markets. Timing is everything for Day Traders, Swing Traders & Short term Traders for profitable trades. If you know how to enter your Trade & How to limit your losses, you can make huge money from the market.

Course Highlights:

The program covers all the basic & advanced aspects of Technical Analysis & stock market working Techniques in details. The program is designed in such a way that any body can learn without any experience very easily. The training is complimented with practical market examples. After learning the course, you will be able to deal with your own investments independent of external aid such as calls, tips, expert opinion, etc. You will discover tools & techniques to find simple Timely Entry and Exit. You will learn the secrets & tricks of stock market trading. All the secrets are from the 8 years experience & 250 books. Also you will learn to manage risk and protect your capital.

Course Duration: 18 Hours (Daily 1 hr for 18 Days)

Course Contents:
1. Basic Technical Analysis
  1. Basic Technical Analysis Course?
2. Secrets of Charts
  1. Secrets of different use of charts
  2. Is the charts work for all type of stocks?
  3. Is promoter integrity affect the charts?
  4. Secrets of different Time Frame for charting
3. Advance Candlesticks Charting
  1. Other Advanced Candlesticks Patterns
4. RSI
  1. Advanced RSI
  2. Secrets of RSI
  1. Advanced MACD
  2. Secrets of Historam
6. Other Indicators & Oscillators
  1. Advanced Oscillators & Indicators (e.g MFI, CMI, CCI, %W R, OBV, Adv/Dec, Accumulation/Distribution Line etc.)
  2. Money Flow Index( MFI )
  3. Chaiken Money Flow ( CMI)
  4. Commodity Channel Index (CCI)
  5. %W R
  6. On Balance Volume (OBV)
  7. Advance/Decline line (Adv/Dec)
  8. Accumulation/Distribution Line
7. Bollinger Bands
  1. What is Bollinger Bands?
  2. How to trade with Bollinger Bands
  3. Secrets of Bollinger Bands
8. Open Interest
  1. What is Open Interest
  2. How to Interpret Open Interest
  3. Secrets of Open Interest
9. Different Stock Market Techniques
  1. Moving Averages Buy & Sell Techniques
  2. MACD Buy & Sell Techniques
  3. Stochastic & RSI Buy & Sell Techniques
  4. Different Divergence Buy & Sell Techniques (e. RSI, MACD, Sow Stochastic etc)
  5. Momentum Trading Techniques
  6. Intraday Trading Techniques
  7. Is it time to Buy, Hold or Sell? Know the Tricks
10. Entry, Exit & Stop Loss
  1. Entry & Exit Techniques
  2. Stop Loss Techniques
11. Support
  1. Three Months after Support

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Course Fee: Rs.30000
Course Duration: 18 Hrs (Monday to Friday & Sunday, Daily 1 hr)


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