If you want to create wealth through equity investing, you have come to the right palce.Investing-pk is a stock market recomendation company. It recomends the right stocks at the right time.

Master Course:

The course is for Stocks, Commodity, forex Market Traders, Investors, Professionals & HNI clients for proper timing. Timing is every thing in the stock market for short term profit, Intraday & Long Term Profits.

Course Highlights:

The program covers all the basic & advanced aspects of Technical Analysis & Stock Market Trading Techniques in detail. The program is designed in such a way that any body can learn without any experience very easily. The training is complimented with practical market examples. After learning the course, you will be able to deal with your own investments independent of external aid such as calls, tips, expert opinion, etc. You will discover tools & techniques to find simple Timely Entry and Exit. You will learn the secrets & tricks of stock market trading. All the secrets are from the 8 years experience & 250 books. Also you will learn to manage risk and protect your capital. After learning, you will be able to formulate your own trading style.

Course Duration: 48 Hours (Daily 1 hr for 48 days)

Course Contents:
1. Basic Technical Analysis
  1. Basic Technical Analysis Course
2. 2. AdvanceTechnical Analysis
  1. Advance Technical Analysis Course
3. Put-Call Ratio
  1. What is Put- Call Ratio?
  2. How to trade with Put-Call Ratio
  3. Secrets of Put-Call Ratio
4. Different Stock Market Techniques
  1. ADX Techniques of Buy & Sell Techniques
  2. Timely Entry & Exit Methods
  3. Stop Loss Techniques
  4. How to Short the Market & Any Stock?
  5. When to Exit a Trade?
  6. Is the Existing Down trend will continue Or Reverse?
  7. Is the Existing Uptrend will continue Or Reverse?
  8. Gann’s Trading Concept & Method
5. Stock Selection Methods
  1. Stock Selection Techniques
  2. How to choose stocks for Intraday, Positional & Swing Trading
6. Gap Theory
  1. What is Gap?
  2. Type of Gaps
  3. Gap as Support & Resistance
7. Chart Reading Arts
  1. How to read charts like experts?
  2. Which Chart to follow (e.g EOD, Intraday, Weekly & Monthly) and its importance
  3. Different Steps of Technical Analysis
  4. All Technical Analysis put together to know the market direction (Accuracy above 90%)
8. Option
  1. What is Option?
  2. Type of Option
  3. How to trade The Option?
  4. Method of Option Pricing
  5. Different Strategies of Option
9. Inter-market Analysis
  1. What do you mean by Inter-market Analysis?
  2. Why Inter-market Analysis is required?
  3. How to do the Inter-market Analysis
  4. What is the relation between Bond, Commodity, Equity & Dollar?
  5. Relation Between Dollar, Rupee & Stocks
  6. Relation between Gold & Dollar
10. Support
  1. Four Months after Support

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Course Fee: Rs.100000
Course Duration: 48 Hrs (Monday to Friday & Sunday, Daily 1 hr)


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