If you want to create wealth through equity investing, you have come to the right palce.Investing-pk is a stock market recomendation company. It recomends the right stocks at the right time.

How to get best from our recommendations


  • Buy our all recommended stocks continuously for 2-3 days.
  • After buying, place your sell order 5-7% above buying price. As after our recommendations, there is 95% chance to go up 5-7% within 4-5 days.
  • Fix your profit target (say 5-7%).
  • Indian market is very volatile, so profit booking after 5-7% is always advisable.
  • Cut your losses at the recommended price or 5-6% loss for short term calls and 8-10% for long term calls. (i.e Stick to our Stop losses)
  • Minimum holding period for our recommended stocks are 4-5 days.
  • Don’t put stop loss same day.
  • Our short & long term calls works for interaday (70% time)
  • If my stock tips doesn’t work upto 3rd and 4th days sell it on 5th day and pick our other days stocks.
  • Our Sell calls are for interaday only.
  • If you get profit 2-3% profit same days, book it.
  • Our calls are such that it must work within 1 hr. It works most of the time. If it doesn’t work, cancel the bid.
  • Always buy within our price range or within 1-1.5%
  • My advice is, you put your order before the market opens. Because in most cases, stock open within 1% and within 5-10 minutes goes above 2-3%. So don’t wait for the market opens.
  • Our calls never (90% chance) go more than 2% down on same day on closing basis. Some times it may go on interaday basis, but come back at the end.(10% chance)
  • In nifty option and Future, if our calls don’t work within 1 hrs, cancel the bid.
  • You must read our daily BLOG to get the overall market direction, how it behave today, which sector will lead today and critical support and resistance levels.


  • Don’t panic when market goes down. Place your stop loss.
  • Don’t average down.
  • Don’t borrow for investing.